to sell directly to the consumer, usually in small quantities in comparison with the total level of sales. Glossary of Business Terms
Individual and institutional customers as opposed to dealers and brokers. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. retail re‧tail 1 [ˈriːteɪl] noun [uncountable] COMMERCE
1. the sale of goods to customers for their own use, rather than to shops etc:

• His experience in retail includes managing a number of shopping centres in New Zealand.

• The Potato Marketing Board determines the size range of potatoes which can be offered for retail.

— compare wholesale1
2. retail trade/​market/​business etc the selling of goods or services to members of the public, or companies involved in this:

• Anyone working in the retail trade will often have to deal with customers who want to exchange or return goods.

3. retail shop/​outlet/​store etc a shop etc that is open to members of the public:

• These large retail outlets stock a wide range of goods.

4. retail banking/​brokerage banking or investment services available to members of the public, rather than to businesses or companies
5. retail customer/​consumer etc an individual customer etc, rather than a business or company:

• The scheme relates to all new cars sold to retail customers.

  [m0] II. retail retail 3 adverb COMMERCE
if something is sold retail, it is sold to members of the public, usually in a shop:

• We only deal with wholesalers - we don't sell any of our goods retail.

  [m0] III. retail retail 2 verb COMMERCE
1. [intransitive] to be sold to the public, usually in shops, for a particular price:
retail for/​at

• The doll will retail for about £36.

2. [transitive] to sell goods in small quantities to members of the public, usually in a shop:

• The product is not being retailed through the right kind of outlets.

— retailing noun [uncountable] :

• The losses reflect the company's continuing problems in retailing.

• a weak period for the retailing sector

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retail UK US /ˈriːteɪl/ noun [U] COMMERCE
the activity of selling goods to the public in stores, on the internet, etc., rather than selling to stores, other businesses, etc.: »

She has worked in retail her entire adult life.


Organic food is one of the largest growth areas in food in the UK in retail.


Food retail is extremely competitive.

a retail chain/outlet/store — Cf. a retail store
the retail market/sector/trade — Cf. the retail trade
a retail buyer/consumer/customer — Cf. a retail customer
Compare WHOLESALE(Cf. ↑wholesale) adjective
retail UK US /ˈriːteɪl/ adjective COMMERCE
connected with the activity of selling goods to the public, rather than selling to stores, etc.: »

retail demand/operations/profits


The company needs to focus on its core retail business.

Compare WHOLESALE(Cf. ↑wholesale) adjective
retail UK US /ˈriːteɪl/ verb COMMERCE
[T] to sell goods to the public in stores, on the internet, etc.: »

They have a proven record in retailing clothes and shoes.

retail at/for sth — Cf. retail for sth
retail UK US /ˈriːteɪl/ adverb COMMERCE
if something is sold retail, it is sold to the public in stores, on the internet, etc., rather than to stores, other businesses, etc.: buy/sell retail »

It's much cheaper to buy wholesale than retail.

Compare WHOLESALE(Cf. ↑wholesale) adverb

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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